Harbour Centre is truly a Landmark in Motion! The old food court is now closed and the first phase of the redevelopment project is well underway. Behind the hoarding, the work to bring you a fresh new food court commenced April 1.

Here’s some of the progress that has been made so far:

• All the furniture has been removed, and existing walls and ceilings have been torn down to make more room for an open themed food court. Void spaces around the escalator and staircase areas are being enlarged to improve sightlines and make the space feel more inviting.

• Electrical and mechanical demolition is underway which includes disconnection and removal of unused equipment, pipes, and wiring.

• Plans to achieve a higher ceiling in the food court space are ongoing. The higher ceiling will enhance the suspended ceiling accents that will be installed later in the project. The ceiling accents, in wave and cloud shapes will provide interest, playfulness, and fluidity to the space.

What exciting elements can you expect to see in the new food court?

• Variations on seating types will provide patrons with different seating options. Complimentary WIFI and electronic power sources for communication devices will be built in to the seats for convenience. Digital flat screens will be installed to provide information, entertainment and a better patron experience.

• Vancouver’s iconic views will be incorporated into some of the walls creating a sense of being outdoors, while experiencing the warmth and comfort of the indoors. Vibrant colors and a mix of wall textures will definitely bring freshness and fun to the space.

• Digital wayfinding signs will be incorporated in to the centre to provide easy navigation for patrons. In addition, enlarged washrooms with modern fixtures, accessible restroom and baby change areas will be made available to cater to our patron’s needs.

• Modern recycling systems with organized labels and built-in tray holders will be made available, improving waste management within the food court.