Features & Services

Harbour Centre offers a number of special features and advantages for our Tenants. Feel confident knowing that as a valued Tenant, you can expect:

Online Communication through Angus Anywhere

Our online Tenant service system, Angus Anywhere, allows us, the management, to communicate with you and our onsite engineering staff in a convenient and efficient manner.

24 Hour On-site Security and Monitoring

We employ top security staff night and day. Not only do we ensure that your place of business is secure, but also your vehicle in our Safer Parking parkade.

Safe Walk After Hours

Employees who are working late may request a security guard to accompany them to the parkade by visiting the security desk in the lobby and requesting an escort.

Security Card Access System

Harbour Centre’s Card Access System controls after-hours access, enabling card holders to enter the building 24 hours a day. We also have a detailed log notification system and log-in procedure for those without cards such as visitors, service people and guests.

General and Specialized Recycling Programs

Harbour Centre has several types of recycling programs for construction, organics, electronics, paper and glass.

Gym/Fitness Amenity Area

Tenants enjoy access to our fitness area. Employees can exercise before work, after a productive day or over the lunch break. An excellent place to meet other members of our internal community, the fitness area is our way of contributing to healthy living.

Secure Bike Compound

Our Tenants love to bike to work. We support this mode of transport with our secure bicycle storage compound.

Shipping and Receiving

We have the logistics well established and offer safe, secure and designated areas for shipping and receiving goods.

Storage Rooms

For Tenants who require extra space, we offer a selection of storage rooms. For more information on the Features and Services that Harbour Centre provides, please view our Tenant Office Manuals on the Tenant Page.