Construction Management Services Page

Harbour Centre, Your Landlord and General Contractor

One of the only buildings in downtown Vancouver with an internal construction department, Harbour Centre ensures that your projects are professionally managed. We are, after all, the Landlord and have a vested interest in ensuring that your project enhances both your space and Harbour Centre as a whole.Since 1996, our Construction Management Department has acted as General Contractor for all construction projects, leasehold improvements and renovations. This offers a number of Tenant benefits.


Benefits of Using a Construction Company that is also your Landlord:

When you deal with the Construction Manager you also deal directly with the Landlord. Since we have decision making power we can expedite the approval process. This allows your project to progress on schedule and eliminates untimely and costly delays.

  1. We care about construction projects, all of our Tenants and the entire Harbour Centre complex. To preserve the integrity of the building and its systems, we allow only the highest quality of product and workmanship inside which means that projects improve the overall building.
  2. We are proactive about pursuing cost savings on all Harbour Centre projects. When we succeed in lowering costs, we pass the savings along to our Tenants.
  3. Harbour Centre has an excellent reputation for paying our trades on time, therefore ensuring on-site teamwork, cooperation and a harmonious work environment.
  4. There is continuity between any of our required work, as the Landlord, and as the Tenant. This ensures timely completion of all construction projects.
  5. As the Landlord, we are able to bypass financing costs. We do not have to pass these along to our Tenants as we do not require any support to finance a project.
  6. Our familiarity with the building and its systems leads to system-wide efficiency in every project and costs savings for our Tenants.

Please contact our Construction Management Department at (604) 689-7304 to discuss any forecasted projects.