When Harbour Centre decided to upgrade the food court, SSDG Interiors was brought on board to lead the interior design strategy. With almost three decades of related retail and hospitality experience, SSDG Interiors was the perfect team to lead the design of the redevelopment.

SSDG developed a plan to realize Harbour Centre’s potential of being an urban, contemporary neighbourhood gathering space. Warm and dynamic colors and materials were chosen to welcome visitors to a food court experience that engages the five senses with color, lighting, texture and form. They called for areas of the floor around escalators and stairs to be removed to open up the space and increase visibility and light transmittance between floors. Lounge areas for socializing were also integral to the planning, as was efficient increased seating and washroom capacity. Fresh colors, high ceilings, increased natural light and ventilation, sustainable initiatives and improved wayfinding will all create a space that emphasizes wellbeing and accessibility.

“The changes are designed to enhance the complex, making it brighter, more welcoming, and easier to navigate. Our vision is to retain the heritage of the building but to offer an improved shopping and dining experience for our customers.”
– Norman Pearl, Senior Vice President of Polaris Realty Canada Limited

SSDG Interiors’ rendering shows the plan to increase visibility and light transmittance by removing areas of floor around the escalators. Renderings/features are not specific and are subject to change.

View of Lower Mall from Escalator